Reiki Seichem

We offer Reiki Seichem one, two and three  Starting with the Reiki Seichem one course where you reawaken your connecting to healing. Reiki one is normally focused on healing yourself family and freinds. Reiki Seichem Two is Practioner level and Reiki Seichem 3 is the Masters where you learn to pass your knowledge onto others

Psychic Development 

Learn the basics of grounding and protection, meet your guides, experience tarot ,mediumship ,crystals and healing. No experience necessary


Learn to use the Tarot without the book that normally comes with your Tarot Deck.Working with your guides the aim of this course is to help you provide accurate deep readings for others.


Natural Magic

Develop your connection with nature, discover and understand the elements, circle casting, candle magic, explore the moon phases and more

Munay Ki

Munay-Ki is a q’uechuan word which translates as ‘I love you’, or ‘Be as thou Art’.  The Munay Ki consists of nine great rites of enlightenment, known by the Q'ero shamans as the Munay-Ki,  In the Inka tradition, these rites are gifted at the beginning of the journey, to awaken our capacities to heal and transform our luminous energy bodies.  These rites have previously been passed from shaman to shaman or from spirit to shaman. Since 2006, these rites have been available for all of us called to receive and gift on these rites