started Bewitched on 31st October 2011.  They wanted to create something with a difference.  They were not sure how until Colette had an idea (the first of many) she started to create bags from unused material that would have been thrown away.  She then went on to upcycling chairs, jackets and much, much more. Colette is a fashion designer and artist who gave up the industry because it was too disposable.  Her passion for fashion returned with a vengeance. 

Kathy is a teacher and Reiki Master who has been practising professionally for the past 18 years, also providing private clairvoyant and tarot readings to assist people to find their own path. Various courses are available to help each individual to be their own Guru.

Their ethos is, whatever your faith, spirituality is not just about self.  True spirituality encompasses the whole planet.  As guardians of this world, reducing our impact and assisting where ever we can, is important.  They wanted some way to give back to the earth and show that one small voice can make a difference.  A percentage of the profits of all Colette’s creations, goes into the ‘Mother Earth’ pot, which is then distributed to various charities and other causes who support keeping the planet alive for future generations.  

Each time you buy a creation of Colette’s, you will not only have a walking work of art which is unique, but you will have helped the planet as well. 


Colette and Kathy